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Totality Fusion

April 6th through the 8th!
An event full of Fusion Music and Dance! DJs, teachers, and many styles to learn. Opportunities to create, dance and play together. Ending on the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!? 8 unique classes and awesome instructors and dance styles over 3 days! Over 15 hours of music, with 9 sets coming at you from  DJs creating alllllll the vibes for your dancing pleasure; an EPIC light show on Sunday night brought to you by the esteemed Dr. J and Emilio; and a curated soundscape to drop you right into being one-with-the-universe as we watch the Total Solar Eclipse on Monday.
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Saturday: 7pm lesson, 8pm-2am dance
Sunday:   12pm-5pm fusion lessons, 7pm lesson, 8pm-2am dance

Monday:  12pm-2:30pm indoor dance, 2:45-4pm outdoor dance under the total eclipse! 


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